The ultimate stack for digital learning

A clear line separates the winning companies from those which are going to be forgotten: The ability to learn, disseminate learning and adapt to changes.

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Turn any content into knowledge

Incorporate any content in any format into your learning platform.

Share documents, presentations, spreadsheets, youtube videos, article links, dropbox files, slideshare and more.

Automatically capture shared links in Slack or Google Drive, updating your content base in real time without losing anything.

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You organize the contents, we deliver it

Organize content according to your business needs, creating spaces, courses, activities, discussions and more.

Define who should receive the content and your Skore will deliver the materials automatically in any channel: email, telegram, slack, app, chatbot, web platform and more.

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Distribute the right content to the right person

With Skore's content recommendations, your team has access to personalized content prioritized according to your company's needs and the profile of each user.

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Understand exactly how your team is learning

Understand the learning process of your company, identify trends and anticipate your actions with advanced reports that show you where to take action to develop your team and your company.

Find out which topics are most discussed, find out who the team's experts are, and find hidden talents.

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