The ultimate stack for digital learning

Create a learning chatbot for your sales team, Curate all articles we share on Slack, Keep a repository of our important documents, Build our Corporate University, Train my leadership with email drips

feature organize

Easy to use knowledge platform

Skore works with the tools your team already uses to keep their content always fresh, relevant, and handy.

Integrate with Google Drive and Slack to automatically update your knowledge platform as you go.

Easily gather documents and links from anywhere. Skore supports all content formats. No converting needed.

Browse spaces or search by keyword, tag, or user name to quickly find any content on Skore. All in one place.

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feature amplify

Flexibility to change as you grow

Your team's knowledge functionally organized, with total freedom to change and scale.

Create spaces and tags to keep everything organized and provide context to your users.

Drag and drop to easily reorder content within spaces and sections.

Switch templates anytime to enable discovery or build guided programs.

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feature engage

Analytics for data-driven decision making

The most advanced analytics engine ever seen in a knowledge platform helps you understand what your team is learning and anticipate trends to stay ahead of the curve.

Get actionable insights to bridge any gaps and develop your team.

Find out what topics are most discussed, identify thought leaders and hidden talents.

Discover trends as they emerge with advanced AI-based reports

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Trusted by

"We use Skore as a "content hub" for everything sales enablement and customer messaging related. Our content can come from anywhere: PDFs, Google Drive, links to websites, etc. Skore is the hub on the spoke of the wheel that points to all the content."

Danilo Weiner, Senior Manager Innovation, Samsung

Danilo Weiner,
Senior Manager, Innovation
- Samsung

"Ensuring effective exchange of information is essential for an accelerator. One of our biggest challenges is to align our communication and make sure that entrepreneurs seize and make the most out of the knowledge and material provided in the acceleration program. Skore is very important for Wayra in this process as it is easy for incoming entrepreneurs to use and adaptive when our needs change."

Paulo Braga, Head of Acceleration, Wayra

Paulo Braga,
Head of Acceleration
- Wayra

"We’ve decided to use Skore as our onboarding tool given our need to deal with fresh and updated content for a very critical audience. Skore is brilliant at combining simple and powerful delivery that turns anything, from presentations to YouTube videos, into measurable knowledge sources."

Marcelo Janot, People & Management, Endeavor

Marcelo Janot,
People & Management
- Endeavor