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Sharing Documents & Links

"We use Skore as a "content hub" for everything sales enablement and customer messaging related. Our content can come from anywhere: PDFs, Google Drive, links to websites, etc. Skore is the hub on the spoke of the wheel that points to all the content."

Danilo Weiner, Senior Manager Innovation, Samsung

Danilo Weiner,
Senior Manager, Innovation
- Samsung

Sharing Documents & Links

Exchanging knowledge

"Ensuring effective exchange of information is essential for an accelerator. One of our biggest challenges is to align our communication and make sure that entrepreneurs seize and make the most out of the knowledge and material provided in the acceleration program. Skore is very important for Wayra in this process as it is easy for incoming entrepreneurs to use and adaptive when our needs change."

Paulo Braga, Head of Acceleration, Wayra

Paulo Braga,
Head of Acceleration
- Wayra


Onboarding new hires

"We’ve decided to use Skore as our onboarding tool given our need to deal with fresh and updated content for a very critical audience. Skore is brilliant at combining simple and powerful delivery that turns anything, from presentations to YouTube videos, into measurable knowledge sources."

Marcelo Janot, People & Management, Endeavor

Marcelo Janot,
People & Management
- Endeavor


Training Staff

"Skore’s DNA brings in simplicity and agility, which are key to the modern processes of people development."

Alessandro Marinho, Corporate Education Manager, FastShop

Alessandro Marinho,
Corporate Education Manager
- FastShop

feature organize


Gather all of your team’s documents, links and notes in one place. Add any content format and integrate with other platforms to make sharing as effortless as possible.

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Add flow to your team's knowledge the smart way. Make sure that important content gets to the people who need it the most.

feature engage


Interact with your team right where the content is. Take a peek at what peers and leadership are discussing, join conversations, invite others to exchange ideas and learn together.

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